Majestic Orchid Collection

The beauty of the ‘Queen of Flowers’


Prima Gold provides exotic designs and adds value with its handmade signature silk line technique, which is a time-consuming process meticulously handled by the master craftsmen undertaken decades of apprenticeship.

Only the finest jewelry pieces on the artistry of 99.9% gold purity is the ultimate value delivered by Prima Gold.


Immortal beauty that inspired by the Phoenix create a luxury
collection that represents the elegance. Expressed the beauty through the fine setting of gemstones to reflect the delicate details of the feather. Representing the beauty of women combined with the meticulous craftsmanship of 99.9% pure gold to convey real sense of magnificence and timeless value

Discover Our Signature Collection


Enriched by the significant meaning of laurel wreath worn by ancient Greek as a symbol of victory and freedom, Victorina collection exceptionally expresses the belief into timeless piece of 24K gold jewelry, preciously decorated with diamonds, to sparkle the beholders with luck towards work, study and love.

Our Creations

Discover a variety of our pieces.

  • Original Designs

    All designs are originals from our workshop

  • Materials

    Only 99.99% mint Swiss gold bar made to the production of our product

  • Heritage

    Since 1992, Prima Gold present the purest form of artistic gold jewelry to the World

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