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  • 165E0571-24K-Pure-Gold-Gemstone-Orchid-Earrings
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Prima Gold

24K Pure Gold with Gemstone Earrings : Orchid Design

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Rich purple orchid uniquely stands out for its grace and dignity while unveiling the splendor of craftsmanship and gemstone setting. Pure and elegant scent of blooming jasmine is combined to portray the unspoken beauty. Each meticulous flower, designed in ascending alignment, is captivated through the finest setting of precisely selected gemstone. 'Orchid Oralia' exquisitely reflects real passion of Prima Gold in floral sense and appeal.

Main Material : 24K Pure Gold
Supporting Material: 18K Gold
Color : 24K Yellow Gold
Average Weight *: 13.44 Grams
Product Code : 165E0571

*Prima Gold product are handmade jewelry. Therefore, the weight will be difference on each piece. The weight shown will be average weight only