Queen of Roses

The depiction of the gold rose figures is as valuable as divine flora. Each rose is composed of petal laid upon petal exactly as in a real rose. The implementation of this inlaying process gives the items a magnificence that enables one to truly entitle them “Queen of Roses”.


Rose, a symbol of beauty, is romantically expressed towards feminine sensuality. Prima Gold preciously depicts such elegance through the most masterful craftsmanship distinctively set with precious gemstones. Queen of Roses gorgeously embraces those beautiful and alluring elements of roses into the finest gold jewelry piece ever found.

The idea of eternity as depicted by the rose was selected to be this collection’s highlight. Unlike other more general designs of this queen of flowers, this visual rendition is distinct for its perforated patterning. This creativity offers light modern touches. The support of delicate but dense leaves supplements the natural look and increases the concept of attractiveness.

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