World of PRIMA

An eternal journey of PRIMA jewelry creations started in 1992 from the very first touch of its heritage, when the world’s most intricate and expressive collection of 24K pure gold jewelry ever imagined was launched under Prima Gold brand in Bangkok, Thailand and later expanded its renowned excellency to its clientele in Asia and the Middle East. 
With its one-of-a-kind delicacy that reflects truly eve
rlasting beauty of nature, PRIMA identity since then has been recognized synonymously for its superiority of masterful craftsmanship and exceptionally unique designs that perfectly compliment individuals’ timeless sense of style. PRIMA collections range from an exquisitely unique 24K pure gold jewelry, Prima Gold,  to a meaningful gold sheet decorative artwork, Prima Art. PRIMA craftsmen dedicatedly put passion and effort into every aspect of its collection, impeccably creating the finest masterpieces of art.