About Prima Gold

Founded in 1992, Prima Gold is an established name synonymous with the creation of exquisite 24K gold jewelry at the highest standard of craftsmanship and delicate designs. Currently, Prima Gold is marketed mainly in Asia and the Middle East, with more than 100 locations.

Our One & Only Signature

The inlaid ‘silk line’ is a technique adopted in all Prima Gold designs – an intricate technique which we have become known for. To achieve such extreme subtlety and delicacy in each of our creation, one must undergo a minimum of 10 years intense apprenticeship.The outstanding ‘silk lines’ must be continuously connected from one to the other. To achieve the rhythmic pattern of all lines as designed, the goldsmiths’ hands must be steady, controlled and precise.

Our Everlasting Promise

Real passion and inspiration expressed through the ultimate value of 24K gold craftsmanship stands as Prima Gold legacy. The marriage of trust and timeless qualities in fine gold jewelry, which brings meaningful bond and memories through generations.

Beyond the Ordinary

The role of the artisan is the heart of Prima Gold's creation. Accurately realising the delicate ideas and motivations of a design is an art in itself. Transforming design into a masterpiece takes the work of a master. With such refinement in material and craftsmanship, Prima Gold's elegant offerings are truly one-of-a-kind, certain to delight and astound, as well as provide a distinct statement of both affluence and class for elegant, sophisticated individuals.